Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Improvement in Photoshop

A quick documentation of improvement in painting in Photoshop, in the past week from day one to now, I have developed a style i like so far and look forward to more improvement, I have not painted using a tablet or drawn on Photoshop before so this was very fun :)

The images were taken from my Thumbnail. The top left was the very first digital painting I produced, a few days later I changed slightly by adding more background tone rather than just the focal point to complete the picture. The larger picture I drew today, I am very pleased with how it has come out and will take this style further.


  1. Wow these are lovely :-) really get a sense of the paths texture in your 'week 1' drawing. I think your going to get on with the graphics tablet! I'm in uni tomorrow all day. If you need help with your project at all, come ask.

  2. Heyy Lisa (: I agree these are very nice thumbnails, especially considering you're new to Photoshop I really like the way you've created the paths ^^ keep up the good work d(^.^d)