Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Justin: Animal body

We were each given words to create a beast that could live in this environment. I chose the body of a Bison, the head of a leopard, the horns of a mountain goat, the neck of an alpaca and the legs of a bear

Playblast - Blind

Blind - Roll up from Lisa Huntley on Vimeo.

Justin: Create a game

We were given two games and had to produce something between them.

I had - Angry Birds and Buckaroo.

I thought of two games which consisted of a balance game with birds and an app game with catching suitcases.

Environment lighting and textures

I first decided on a lamp shade texture to go with the room/scene

I then started to move the metal texture around

 I placed a directional light within the lamp and an ambient light above it to produce the effect of a light bulb inside the lamp, i had to balance them both enough, in the end i decided to make the lamp shade slightly transparent, which worked out to be much better.

NG: Lamp

Rhys gave me the modeled lamp, I tweaked it slightly

I added a directional light to give a stronger light down and an ambient light to bring out the lamp shade

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Completed Table

The first initial designs I had for the table, as the theme needed to be as if form the ship, Titanic, I researched into some designs and colours, the patterns i used were based on that.