Monday, 21 October 2013

Feedback needed on Thumbnails: Lines and diamonds

Could I have some feedback on these images, which works better?

With hard lines, small amount of diamonds (1)

With soft lines, small amount of diamonds (2)

With no lines, small amount of diamonds (3)

With sharps lines many diamonds (4)

With softer lines, many diamonds (5)

No lines, many diamonds (6)


  1. The development of this image in the last post is really stunning and shows your on the right track... but where'd the skeleton go? It defiantly needs something there even if its more subtle. I like 1 if your keeping the lines otherwise you can use shadow and light to pick out smaller details that get lost without the lines.

    1. These images are perfect! Thank you very much! :)

    2. The skeleton hasn't gone, he's just taken out for now so that i can preview the cave :)

  2. Really enjoy the darker image out of all 6. Number 4 looks like its a view into space!

  3. hi Lisa :) i like the 4th with fine lines and lighting in the scene and i also think you could combine them together while the darker area with harder lines :)