Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The story behind the Secret Lair of the Martian King

In the year 2120, The kingdom of Eyuda was in rule by King Phar and peace was on Mars. Ganon, the leader of the Omani warriors, jealous of his brothers reign, sworn to over power and take command of the rich and succeeding land. He lead the Omanis to victory, thus killing King Phar himself in a sword battle, the very ceremonial swords their father once bestowed upon them and connected them as brothers. Ganon retrieved Phars sword from his lifeless body, taking his throne, power, riches and world. 

Eyuda was taken by fear and darkness. The people fled to the wastelands to escape the clutches of Ganon. The kingdom left to ruin and rot. Once full of colour and life, was drawn over by hatred and wrath. Ganon, was king, but ruled no one. This angered him and he ventured in search of his people to return and follow his demands. Ganon wanted no martian to take his riches, so he created a secret lair to hide his most valuable possessions in a huge room including the throne, the swords, and the crown. 

The Omani's and Ganon have been lost since. The kingdom left and the crown awaiting a new ruler.

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  1. Awesome backstory ;) and the open ended cliffhanger really conjures a feeling of mystique, like being the explorer that rediscovers a lost world!