Friday, 21 November 2014

Story Board - Front camera Angle

I have drawn over Rhys original story board and produced a clearer version to fully understand how the front viewing angle would work, i then put them together in a small animatic

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Orthographic - Character

NCD - Idea and designs

These are my scans of my first ideas from my sketchbook which lead me to the final idea below.

My idea of my game is to be a computer game.

The concept is - Time
The environment is - Art
The Characters are - Life

My game will be a scrolling screen of an enchanted forest. The objective is to find the 5 hidden relics to revive the forest goddess to save the forest from pollution and the humans, along the way you can collect all of the different seeds to help grow the forest back, some seeds/plants you'll need in your journey, for example:

Vine - Grow to climb
Lobster claw plant - For a boat

Time is a big factor in the game as you have till the night of the Harvest moon, which evidently is in three days, to save the goddess, or she will be trapped in the forest tree and the forest will perish to the damage of the pollution as their wont be enough plants to filter the toxic air.

My inspirations for this idea was:

The legend of Zelda - Majoras Mask - You have three days to save the world from a giant Moon

Trine 2 - The scrolling forest back ground

My sprites and creatures will be based off of plants, berries and nuts. They scenery will be extremely low down into the ground, so there will be less "forest" more "plants and mud" this is because my sprites are rather tiny and you wouldn't see the whole forest compared to their size.

Here are some back ground prototypes i have designed

NCD - Character idea and Influence Maps

My character will be a small sprite, I wanted to look at different ways I could design the sprite with what you would find in a forest, I chose to use flowers, nut and berries as my character is small and these items are always found lying around in woods/forests. But as my forest is magical, i want a twist to my designs.

My Boss Concepts were drawn in my sketchbook.

Here is my Mutated Spider character ideas