Thursday, 31 October 2013

Unit 1: Secret Lairs - Ganon Character Profile


  • Brother of King Phar
  • Born a Martian of Mars
  • Jealous of his brother Phar and his riches
  • Warrior in charge of the Omani, his men
  • Tall, long hair, sharp eyes and teeth.
  • His style is dark and horrid much like him.
Ganon was an idea that sprung to mind the moment I thought about a Martian King. Here is a quick sketch that I had in my head, the colours im not sure of. I don't think it says Martian. But I like his style. Much more needed to build his style but this is just to put a face to the name. Here is Ganon :)

Unit 1: "Hero Prop" Thumbnails

On deciding my hero prop, I came up with three possible ones.

The Crown                                    The Throne                                        The Swords

Here are my thumbnails for the three possible props.

The Crown

The Throne

The Swords

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The story behind the Secret Lair of the Martian King

In the year 2120, The kingdom of Eyuda was in rule by King Phar and peace was on Mars. Ganon, the leader of the Omani warriors, jealous of his brothers reign, sworn to over power and take command of the rich and succeeding land. He lead the Omanis to victory, thus killing King Phar himself in a sword battle, the very ceremonial swords their father once bestowed upon them and connected them as brothers. Ganon retrieved Phars sword from his lifeless body, taking his throne, power, riches and world. 

Eyuda was taken by fear and darkness. The people fled to the wastelands to escape the clutches of Ganon. The kingdom left to ruin and rot. Once full of colour and life, was drawn over by hatred and wrath. Ganon, was king, but ruled no one. This angered him and he ventured in search of his people to return and follow his demands. Ganon wanted no martian to take his riches, so he created a secret lair to hide his most valuable possessions in a huge room including the throne, the swords, and the crown. 

The Omani's and Ganon have been lost since. The kingdom left and the crown awaiting a new ruler.

Life Drawing Class

Today we had a life model into to draw from, here are my drawings today.

The first was a 20 minute piece and the first life drawing I've done for over a year.

Next we had to do 7, 1 minute sketches.
I found this one harder as I rushed to get lines down and found I was pressing too hard, when I went to add detail, it wasn't easy to make them noticeable against the hard lines. I learnt from the grey charcoal and changed my method with the black charcoal. I enjoyed this way, I started by gesturing movement with 1 sweep of charcoal to create the bend she was making and worked into that.

Third, we were asked to create 2, 15 minute drawings.
This I also found difficult against the stall, I just couldn't quite get my head around the perspective. So i decided to take Vicky's advise as well and work out of my comfort zone in regards to shading and working with charcoal. It's not noticeable in the first, but is in the second. Vicky also said about using lines as gesturing weight, so i used darker harder lines where I feel pressure and weight would be as well as shading.

The last one was 16, 30 second drawings. I used a grey charcoal to start and as I ran out of paper room I worked over them in a black charcoal. 

Unit 1: Secret Lairs - Influence maps

As a start of my project I researched into what my character could look like and his environment, "the lare". Here is my first influence map on his Mars

What I have found from researching is Mars' colour palette, the games it's used in such as Mass Effect 3 and Mars. I will be using these as references into creating a space on mars. I also look at satellites and what ones would be around Mars and possible fallen to Mars.

This is my second Influence map, this one concentrated more on the "King" aspects. What I want him to look like and what his kingdom would be like. I decided to go for a dark, un-human style, I feel that my "Hero Prop" as this point may be the throne, but i'm leaving this idea open for different ideas for now.

Unit 1: Project 2 - "The Secret lair of the Martian King"

For our second project, we were given the "blue box" to choose our secret lair. Mine was Martian King which i'm looking forward to creating :)



  • relating to the planet Mars or its supposed inhabitants:the Martian atmospherethe first Martian colony


a hypothetical or fictional inhabitant of Mars:
a nest of Martian



  • 1the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth:[as title]:King Henry VIII
  •  a person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in their sphere or group:a country where football is kingthe king of rock
  •  (the King) dated (in the UK) the national anthem when there is a male sovereign.
  •  [attributive] used in names of animals and plants that are particularly large, e.g. king cobra.
  • 2the most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent’s piece or pawn.
  •  a piece in draughts with extra capacity for moving, made by crowning an ordinary piece that has reached the opponent’s baseline.
  •  a playing card bearing a representation of a king, normally ranking next below an ace.


  • 1 [with object] archaic make (someone) king.
  • 2 [no object] (king itdated act in an unpleasantly superior and domineering way:he kings it over the natives on his atoll

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Final Presentation: Unit 1 - Cinematic Spaces

Finished Thumbnail 1 -2 - 3

Here is my first thumbnail finished and the steps it took to produce it.

Here is my second thumbnail finished, I took a more cold approach on this one as the other two are very warm.

Finally. this is my final thumbnail, this is my favorite piece.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Film review:Metropolis

Metropolis, made in 1927, directed by Fritz Lang, was an art form in its self, it's dramatic symbolism of society and 'new age' sci-fi "The biggest-budgeted movie ever produced at Germany's UFA, Fritz Lang's gargantuan Metropolis consumed resources that would have yielded upwards of 20 conventional features, more than half the studio's entire annual production budget." (Rotten Tomatoes) 

{Fig 1}

The storyline is about the rich living luxury while the poor work to make the wealthy live comfortably, "It is the future, and humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers, who make plans (but don't know how anything works), and the workers, who achieve goals (but don't have the vision). Completely separate, neither group is complete, but together they make a whole." (IMDB) Being controlled by Maria, working like robots, slaves, to Metropolis.

{Fig 2}

The results of such a high budgeted film was a phenomenon, "The result was astonishing for its time. Without all of the digital tricks of today, “Metropolis” fills the imagination. Today the effects look like effects, but that's their appeal."(Rogerebert) 

{Fig 3}







Class 1 - Life Drawing

Our first lesson of life drawing consisted of items laid on the floor with our own items added. I brought in a masqurade mask which was placed on the face of the skelenton.

Here is my image drawn in 20 minutes on A2

We then had to change our style, come out of our comfort zones, I decided to use charcoal and fine liner.

Finally, we were asked to add to one another drawings, here is what me and 4 others made.

Artist - Who's who

For my Artists - Who's who? I decided to research Ben Lo, a concept artist originally from Canada. I decided to research into his 'Bioshock: Infinite' work as through playing the game I loved the colours and over exposed look of lighting. Ben Lo created the concept art for the airships. here are some of my favourite pieces;

Here you see the airship, it's colours very 'machiny', very steam punk. I love this genre of colours and style.

This image, a much more red toned piece, really highlights the warm style and ship feel without losing the steam punk concept.