Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life Drawing Class

Today we had a life model into to draw from, here are my drawings today.

The first was a 20 minute piece and the first life drawing I've done for over a year.

Next we had to do 7, 1 minute sketches.
I found this one harder as I rushed to get lines down and found I was pressing too hard, when I went to add detail, it wasn't easy to make them noticeable against the hard lines. I learnt from the grey charcoal and changed my method with the black charcoal. I enjoyed this way, I started by gesturing movement with 1 sweep of charcoal to create the bend she was making and worked into that.

Third, we were asked to create 2, 15 minute drawings.
This I also found difficult against the stall, I just couldn't quite get my head around the perspective. So i decided to take Vicky's advise as well and work out of my comfort zone in regards to shading and working with charcoal. It's not noticeable in the first, but is in the second. Vicky also said about using lines as gesturing weight, so i used darker harder lines where I feel pressure and weight would be as well as shading.

The last one was 16, 30 second drawings. I used a grey charcoal to start and as I ran out of paper room I worked over them in a black charcoal. 

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