Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Hero's Journey - Spirited Away

2. Call to adventure - Chihiro's mother and father turn to pigs and she must save them from being eaten.

3. Refusing the call - Chirhiro must get a job at the bath house or she will not be able to save her parents, she refuses at first, but agree's as she knows it's the only way

4. Meeting the mentor - Haku, the spirit of the lake

5. Crossing the threshold- Entering the bath house

6. Tests, allies and enemies -  Chihiro is tested with a stink spirit to bathe.

7. Approach - She learns to be a better worked among everyone

8. The ordeal, death and rebirth - Chihiro let in a lonely spirit from the outside named No Face into the bath house who soon turns into a monster and starts to eat people.

9. The reward, seizing the sword - Chihiro leads No Face into the outside where he becomes sane again. She heads off to save Haku

10.  The road back - Chihiro returns, she has saved Haku and is on her way to save her parents

11. Resurrection - Chihiro is tested to work out which pigs are her parents

12. Return with elixir - She saves her parents and return back out of the spirit world.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Narrative - Group Project

SO! Day 1 and it's straight to work! We have been giver our first project, Narrative - Group work, in which we have to create and animated short, which also is a form of advertisement.

We were split into groups and one person from each group chose two cards at random, our chosen cards read .


Two quite interesting combinations, so together as a team, we decided to set off separately first and thing of at least three possible outcomes of this.

I first decided to look at the meaning behind the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".I found a video on the phrase which spells it out very easily.

My first initial idea was with Hermit Crabs, the second to do with a Fish Tank (Marine) and the third to do with the BP oil spill and bringing the idea of a "?" after the phrase.

The BP idea came from a video I once saw about Lego working along side Shell, if we all realised the change it is doing to our environment, will we change it? well, no, especially if we don't know it's broken. so it's bringing a different twist to the phrase. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it? Why not?"