Thursday, 26 September 2013

Folder 10- King Solomon's Mines

Project 1 - My first Influence Map consists mainly of water sources which was described in the first few pictures leading up to a pit by Solomon's mine and covered in bushes and grass hiding the entrance.

I researched into a synopsis of the book and discovered it is based in Africa, so I started to look more at African landscapes, mountains and pits that were described.


  1. Howdy :-) What scene are their in your extract(s)? (as in landscape descriptions?) It helped me to just highlight the relevant info for each scene, then I took key words to create influence maps on. Also don't be afraid to look at existing concept art for African based film/games etc or films set in caves, to get an idea how they're portrayed in the industry. I have a few images here that might help:

    Lion King Concept art -

    African Caves:

    South American Caves: (because I know south american has some of the most beautiful caves on earth - note:. the image attached is a real cave)

    Hope that helps

    1. Oh wow, thank you this really does! :)


  3. me again!

    oh - and also...