Thursday, 12 December 2013

Secret Lairs Project: Crit Presentation


Final Render - Martian King

Character Bible

The Martian King-

My character is a small, timid person but to increase his status in power he likes big things and feeling high.

I wanted the world he lived in to reflect not only him but how his lair would be, so I took the elements of MARTIAN and KING which lead me to different ideas:

The Martian King flag design I made represents his status as well as the arrow points up, meaning high and rising, much like what he wants.


This shows how I got the idea leading to my lair and how it affects my character, by having his lair inside a giant animal, i wanted it to show power and almost an errety-ness as he's living inside something that is dead.


Here are all my thumbnails for my secret lair

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Secret Lair Project: Maya

Here is all of the work into my scene so far, comment would be much appreciated :)

This is the lair of the Martian King. Inside is lair sits his orrery (Hero Prop) His lair is inside a giant dead tortoise, I wanted to go with this idea because I wanted to have a un-likely world, so giant animals fitted that, as well as being a world of sand and dust, I decided to go with a desert animal.

Here is the build up of the lair.

This one was my first render of all lights and objects, I didn't like the camera angle and the space seemed too small, so I extended it and made the walls look more "boney" I also added some, small, but additional lights.

This is the most up to date unfinished image of my lair, please give comment, will be much appreciated :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Online Green Light Review 2

Presentation OGR2

Secret Lair: Maya shots

After we had our lesson with Jordan, he advised making a space out in Maya and painting over it. I created what I wanted my scene to start looking like. Here are some shots of the scene from different angles, please could I have feedback on which shot looks most interesting, thanks.







Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Life drawing: Male

Today we changed model genders and drew a Male.

I have previously had trouble drawing males but I found today quite easy.

3, 5 minute poses

Close up of the 5 minute poses

20 minute pose concentrating on creating the environment around as well as the model

10, 1 minute poses

Close up of 1 minute poses

30 minute pose concentrating on negative space, shading and shadows

Unit 1 Film Review: Edward Scissorhands

Artist research

After my OGR and talk with Phil, I started taking a different look at my Martian King.

To start I wanted to do some research on a more military/large scaled lair.

For my inspiration and artist research I looked at a few different things. Looking at large areas, detail, items, machinery (?) and all the in between.

I started with Pakin Liptawat. A concept artist that does a variety of 3D, line art, textured and coloured pieces.

Here is his blog to see more

This next one. Jim Martin, has such a more detailed, photo realistic style

Here is the blog to see more

I also look at the game The Division for it's floor map hologram

Lastly I look at the making of Pacific Rim. This is for possible armor suits my Martians wear (Hero prop maybe?)