Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Unit 1: Secret Lairs - Influence maps

As a start of my project I researched into what my character could look like and his environment, "the lare". Here is my first influence map on his Mars

What I have found from researching is Mars' colour palette, the games it's used in such as Mass Effect 3 and Mars. I will be using these as references into creating a space on mars. I also look at satellites and what ones would be around Mars and possible fallen to Mars.

This is my second Influence map, this one concentrated more on the "King" aspects. What I want him to look like and what his kingdom would be like. I decided to go for a dark, un-human style, I feel that my "Hero Prop" as this point may be the throne, but i'm leaving this idea open for different ideas for now.


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Quick note first about your post title: it's ''Lairs'' Rather then ''Lares''. :)
    But about that hero prop, I really think its a great idea; a king needs his throne!

  2. Hey Lisa :) On the point of your king aspect you might want to check out the Lich King from WOW, inhuman, evil and looks awesome ;)