Wednesday, 9 October 2013

OGR - Space and Enviroments.


  1. 11/10/2013

    Hi Lisa,

    Okay - first impressions... you know, everything is looking a bit generic so far; i.e. that your mountains are mountains (and your latest colour thumbnail demonstrates your growing in confidence), but you need to think a bit more creatively about the purpose of your concept art. Why are you showing me those mountains? What are you trying to convey? The massive scale? The grandeur? The heat haze? Indeed, would a concept artist really be employed to paint mountains, when there are remnants of a lost civilisation to think about and design? I'm going to suggest that you ditch the mountains, and concentrate your efforts on the stuff that needs you - the cinematic stuff; yes, those sculptures, yes, that pit, yes, that hall of the dead - the more challenging stuff, Lisa - you need to get stuck in. I'm going to be honest too and say that you need to up your output; there's not a whole lot of stuff going on here - not a huge amount of actual graft. I want to see much more curiosity from you in terms of designing your world and getting under the skin of it; so, you've done a bit of research into Africa, but where's the flair and the flourish and the big ideas about why and how your sculptures etc. look the way they do? Your blog is actually missing a lot of content - film reviews, Maya tuts - so consider this a prod. A week next Friday it's your first University level crit and I want you to have a positive experience, so pick up the pace, Lisa and show us what you can do when you've really got your nose to the grindstone!

  2. see link :)