Sunday, 26 January 2014

Story revisited

After tips from Phil i have decided to shorten my story, I want to keep all three characters, the two farms and the idea of the magic juice. Phil and Fido are still a boy and dog, but Phil is the detective this time with his trusty sidekick dog, Fido. Mr Wilson is still the villain.

There is farm show happening on the farmyard. Phil's dad grows the best vegetables and fruit, his farm is chosen to run the show, Mr Wilson is terrible at growing anything, so he creates a magic juice that makes anything awful taste amazing, he uses this to cheat, Phil and Fido find it very strange that Mr. Wilson's food can taste so good but look so bad? They investigate into his farmyard and find the serum, they use the water pistol to spray on everyone's fruit so that everyone wins best in show.

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