Tuesday, 14 January 2014

From Script to Screen

From Script to Screen:

From the "Mysterious Blu Box" I picked the words:

Character: Private Detective

Place: Farmyard

Prop: Water Pistol

1. I wasn't too happy when I pulled out Private Detective as I felt this character linked slightly to the previous project and I wanted something different, but once I got the next two words I was much happier.

2. I have taken a few different approaches and wanted to get all the generic ideas out and away, such as:

3. Private detective that searches people, only clue is a water pistol, finds that person in a farmyard.

4. Young child who loves watching the show of his favorite detective, lives on a farmyard, uses the water pistol to shoot at the farm animals who he pretends are bad guys.

5. Man being searched for by private detective, similar to the first story but the opposite (story concentrated more on the man being searched for rather than following the detective.  

6. Two brothers, twins, one’s naughty and the other is not. One brother (the detective) trying to find who made everything wet, they live on a farm, turns out it's the other brother using his water pistol. 

7. Water pistol used to contain germ/virus/chemical (used by by villain) Farm yard is the hidden lair.

8. Worst villain. The villain is pretty rubbish (think like Mega-mind in regards to what the charater is like) he is quite poor so his weapon of choice is a water pistol, his lair is hidden in the farm yard's barn, and the private detective is after him.


  1. Hi Lisa! It's good to see you getting ideas out there...just remember what Phil said in the briefing, about making each of your elements really irreplaceable - at the moment, your ideas surrounding the farmyard could be substituted for anywhere really (apart from no. 4, where you have included the animals). There needs to be a reason why your action is taking place on the farm...maybe one of the animals is the 'detective'; perhaps a sniffer dog? Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Yes - this does feel as if your characters might be anthropomorphic, with farmyard animals instead of humans - nice opportunity for character design too.

  3. Hey Lisa, I await for you to post more ideas to this project :) I might be able to give you my thoughts and they might be of help of some sort to further develop your story :)