Thursday, 16 January 2014

Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing week 2

Yesterday we had our life drawing lesson with Vicky and life model, Francis. Here are my drawings from the lesson. We started off quite slow to get ourselves back into it with four, five minute poses using charcoal.

We then done two, twenty five minute poses in which we could use any media, I enjoy graphite and I recently bought some coloured graphite pencils, so I wanted to try them out, I used a mix of different medias in both pictures. The first I kept black and white and the second I introduced the colour.

 I used the graphite pencil to start and added in charcoal for shading. I also wanted an off set white from the paper, so I coloured in the body with an off white pencil (this image doesn't give it justice with the white) I was experimenting and found it made the image nicer on the eyes, it took away the intense white from the model and the shading blended better.


Lastly, we finished with eight poses, four two minute poses (red graphite) and four one minute poses (green graphite). I really like doing the one minute poses the most, I enjoy the twenty five when I can really put in detail, but the one minute poses I feel I get a better understanding of the movement with out worrying too much about hand/feet/facial detail.


  1. Hey Lisa, I really like your drawing of the face! You used minimal lines (You didn't even have to draw the outline of the person's head) and it still reads as a face so brilliantly! Well done! :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these drawings Lisa :D