Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From script to screen: Revisited

After being advised by Jacky and Phil, they pointed out that i wasn't using my scene to it's fullest, so here are some new ideas what my story could be.

A. Revisiting the story of the young boy and his farm. I went towards what Jacky suggested with the animals being a detective, a sniffer dog. To incorporate more with the animals I decided to take this towards the farm animals rather than a house pet. So this story starts with the private detective being a sheep. The animals all watch the private detective show from the window while the child watches and one little sheep watches to get his ideas. He practices the techniques on the hay barrels.

B. This story is keeping the idea of the private detective animal, except the story is set on a fair/show which is being held inside the barn and on the farmyard, showing off the animals and winning ribbons. One animal (best in show, beautiful sheep) is taken. The thieves use a water pistol filled with Green fluorescent proteins, which when exposed to UV rays glow blue, but is invisible to the naked eye, and spray the animals with the liquid discretely to notify the other thieves that this is an animal to take. The thieves spray the best in show (Possible name: Lucy).

C. Old man who was once a private detective talks to his animals about the old days of him and his work, having flash backs and the animals roll their eyes, knowing they've heard these stories before.

D. Old man was back flashes while working on his farm of his days being a private detective. The flashbacks recur when he sees a familiar face, object or animal, the water pistol (left by his grandson) representing a gun which sets off a flash back.

E. Old sniffer dog that belonged to a private detective now living on a farm yard along with his new family, mother/father/young child. The old sniffer dog notices an odd smell in the water while playing with the child. He sniffs along the water pipes to find that people have been dumping poisons into the farms water supply affecting their crop and animals. The dog finds the culprit

F. Similar stories to C and D except with the sniffer dog included as well as a double detective duo.

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