Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Adaptation B: Ideas

Idea 1

I want to go for a hand drawn child-like style for this one, the point of the infographic would be to explain depression through a childs understanding, making the subject innocent and more intense. The information would be correct and spoken by children. Here are a few examples of the style I would push for.

Idea 2

This idea was to go for a single point focus, I want to morph a singular shape into items, faces, thigns that explain depression and the stages. This wont have speech but music, I want this to come across as infographic twist with a visual music piece.

Idea 3

This idea will be all ages talking to the camera, I want a young child to OAP to speak about the stages of depression, and the subject get increasingly worse as the piece continues, this isnt so much an "infographic" as an animation of people talking but It will be twisted into one.

Idea 4

Similar to ideas 1 and 3, I want to animate over children speaking, partly animation, partly live.

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