Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A: Final Infographic and Art of

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  1. Lisa - I asked a few ‘outsiders’ (from the project) to watch your infographic and then tell me what they thought. The overriding reaction was ‘confusion’, people could tell what it was about (thematically) but were unable to identify what you were specifically trying to say – Simply put the title set up a concept that then doesn’t play out after with clear information. This is a shame because on the whole they (as did I) enjoyed the style/ look and animation in your work. It has a fun and colourful tone with clear / crisp graphic design. Although when looking at your objects as a set (making of) there are ‘design differences’ in each object – Some are more simplistic whilst others are much more complex in their design / construction. The thumb for example has line weight (cartoon thick / thin), your berries are shaded / perspective, and the alarm clocks are flat with detail? - Confusing in design terms.

    Note: There was also no audio? Audio is a big part of an infographic, whether that is music, voice-over, or sounds effects. This is unusual and disappointing omission.

    Note: Any of your posts with videos in are not appearing in as updates on the blogger dashboard – A problem with your settings may be?

    Note: Your work was uploaded late due to issues. However, in future please make sure that you have space left on Youtube or Vimeo or find an alternative method to send your work (Dropbox etc). If this happens in year three it could mean the difference between a submission and a non-submission.