Monday, 17 February 2014

Film Review: La Jetee

la jetee

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  1. Morning Lisa!

    Good discussion surrounding the use of sound to help create a fluid visual experience :)
    Just a couple of technicalities, really - it would make your writing flow much better, if you introduce the quote via the author, and then 'unpick' it afterwards, rather than just dropping them in. So, for example, you could say,

    'The film builds you in nicely, and you slightly forget that you're seeing images rather than moving pictures, the sounds were interesting, and as explained by DT in Timeout, "The soundtrack's texture is sparse, and the fluid montage leads the viewer into the sensation of watching moving images."(T, s.d). Using sound in this way, one can see how the sounds change between scenes to describe the feeling of the man being experimented on, showing his feelings and emotions.'

    As you will see in that example, I have used s.d. after the quote as the date is unknown. (If the author is unknown, you would use s.n.)

    You seem to have a random URL under image 2...should this have gone in the bibliography image list?