Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Artist toolkit: Life Drawing week 5

This week we done a variety of light and dark drawings with black and white paper, I chose to use a white pencil and white chalk on my image.It took me a while to remind myself that I wasn't drawing the image, just the lighting, so I kept restarting on the same piece of paper, I think my most successful was the face and the foot. This task was 20 minutes,

These were 3 minute poses, we could chose what paper we wanted, I chose to do the light on black paper again but doing quicker strokes. I done this so that it would help me understand which line would benefit most drawn in the chalk to give the impression of what it was.

Finally I went onto white paper in which we had to draw the life model, Alan, coming up from the floor and moving towards us, I found this challenging to do in the time limit, 3 minutes per piece, as as Alan got closer, I could see more detail in each line and this was harder to incorporate in such a small amount of time. But i found this to be my most successful piece today.


  1. so many great drawings - but Lisa - you really need to invest in the quality of your images - a lot of your photos are very soft and spongy, and it's stealing from their many strengths! Get a decent camera/take a decent image :)

  2. I feel that you did a pretty good job to bring out the light and darks in your drawing of Alan's face and upper torso! Well done! :D