Monday, 3 February 2014

Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing week 4

In this life drawing lesson, I decided to focus one the hands. These 3 minute drawings all started by drawing the hand first and going on from there. I enjoyed this method as I usually start from the shoulders and I found I was drawing more from habit/memory than observation, so by changing my starting point I felt I had to draw with more concentration.

The next images were done by rotation, the life model, Francise, moved slightly between each drawing so we could understand where each element goes when he moves from left to right or from a ball to standing up.

Lastly, we were given the choice to focus on anything for 20 minutes, I chose to do a time allowance of my own, I concentrated on the hands and gave myself different time slots to draw the hands. I started with 30 seconds:

Then 1 minute:

2 Minutes:

5 Minutes:

10 Minutes:

From this lesson I have learned not to use a 4H pencil... please excuse the poor quality pictures. I have also learned I enjoy drawing from the hands.

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