Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Online Green Light Review 2

Presentation OGR2

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  1. OGR 20/11/2013

    Hi Lisa,

    Okay - tough love time. I'm not sure what the issue is, but, you just don't seem to be engaging with the true creative challenge of this project. Put more simply still, you're just not generating enough visual work. You're certainly not exploring your ideas with any real attack or gusto - and the frustrating thing is that your ideas have lots of potential - small man syndrome etc! There really is a noticeable lack of actual developmental work for this unit as archived on your blog - and your concept art is a very, very basic paint-over of a not very dynamic composition. It's like you haven't even looked at your own influences! I'd like to see you reverse this trend pronto, because I know you've got the skills. I don't think you're thinking enough about this project or taking enough ownership of it. Many of your ideas in this OGR date from one conversation you and I had, and things really haven't moved on since then. You're coasting - treading water - and your body-of-work is looking noticeably thin in comparison with your classmates. Act now, and I'm pretty sure you can turn your fortunes around, but you need to move quickly. I want to see much more work from you, Lisa - and a greater sense of you actually driving your own project. It's all feeling rather humdrum and passive right now. Let's see a bit of passion and determination on here before the week is out. I'm sure your war room could look fabulous, immersive, other-worldly, dynamic... It's none of those things right now - and it should be! Time to do the work, Lisa - because as it stands, there is nothing here to greenlight - and you've got nothing to take into production.

    Also - you might want to look at your use of language in the OGR - do you think it very appropriate to list Hitler under the 'world's best leaders?' Perhaps you meant the world's most 'infamous leaders' or 'notorious'? I suggest you revise this asap! It's a bit of a cringe.

    So - onwards, Lisa - impress me.