Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Artist research

After my OGR and talk with Phil, I started taking a different look at my Martian King.

To start I wanted to do some research on a more military/large scaled lair.

For my inspiration and artist research I looked at a few different things. Looking at large areas, detail, items, machinery (?) and all the in between.

I started with Pakin Liptawat. A concept artist that does a variety of 3D, line art, textured and coloured pieces.

Here is his blog to see more

This next one. Jim Martin, has such a more detailed, photo realistic style

Here is the blog to see more

I also look at the game The Division for it's floor map hologram

Lastly I look at the making of Pacific Rim. This is for possible armor suits my Martians wear (Hero prop maybe?)

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  1. The Roman symbol for Mars is:

    Maybe you could think about using this form as structural motif throughout your 'war room'? It's pretty 'pointy' (weapon-like) plus it combines the circular shape common to many war rooms... For example - you could create this form in Maya as component - and then think about multiplying it, layering it up, using as interior architecture - and then drawing onto/into the models as another quick way of working up some interesting thumbs.