Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Secret Lair Project: Maya

Here is all of the work into my scene so far, comment would be much appreciated :)

This is the lair of the Martian King. Inside is lair sits his orrery (Hero Prop) His lair is inside a giant dead tortoise, I wanted to go with this idea because I wanted to have a un-likely world, so giant animals fitted that, as well as being a world of sand and dust, I decided to go with a desert animal.

Here is the build up of the lair.

This one was my first render of all lights and objects, I didn't like the camera angle and the space seemed too small, so I extended it and made the walls look more "boney" I also added some, small, but additional lights.

This is the most up to date unfinished image of my lair, please give comment, will be much appreciated :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the touch ups you've done to the pillars and the walls! Its looking a lot less uniform now, and I feel its embracing its "alien" side. I quite like the grainy effect to the lighting as well.
    The main thing I feel right now is the empty foreground. I think I remember you saying that you were planning something for it when we talked about it before. Overall its coming along really well, I'm looking forward to seeing what it will turn out like once its finished (: