Monday, 19 January 2015

Adaptation A: When should you poop? The Facts

"When is the best time of the day to.. poop at work"

I have researched into different factors that'll help me with my information for my Infographic.

Firstly I looked at the "Rules Of Pooping"

This helped me decide that it's not a good time to go when the toilet might be quite popular, which got me into thinking when the toilet would be mostly used, during breaks and during/after lunch.

The average time of day for a lunch break has changed in some work places, but I found that the typical time from a 9am-5pm job was from 11am-1pm due to differences in amount of collages in the building and small companies. Retail jobs tends to be varied on the day and amount of collages working, for instance, 2 people working on a Sunday, the lunch hour would be when which ever one was hungry first and the other person would have their's after, not necessarily straight after.

Lunch hours over the years have changed as I found in this article in the Daily Mail online.

You can read the article here

So with this I decided that I would base my Infographic on pooping at work with an office job rather than retail, teaching, labor or other.

I then thought about once you have had your lunch... It doesn't necessarily  mean you'll "go" straight away. So how long does it take for your food to become poop?

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