Tuesday, 4 November 2014

NCD - My words and my ideas

The words I had were




With these I swapped them around as the concept, character and the environment.

Time - Life - Art

Drawing your life in a time limit

Art - Time - Life

Building your story through time with different creative outcomes

Life - Art - Time

Artistic time travelers / Save the artist through time from destruction

Time - Art - Life

In the past/future with building things together to save a life

Life - Time - Art

Saving time from creative sources in life

Art - Life - Time

Shapes and colours, build their story through time/ time limit to build a creature from shapes you collect around the board

From these I tried to put together some character ideas and put more detail into what's going on in the game.

1. Face guessing game - Board Game

Using shapes provided you have to scramble them together to make a face in a certain time limit that's on your chosen card.

2.Video Game

You jump through pictures/paintings to go through to that time period - Objective of the game is to solve the puzzles through different time periods, this would mean the puzzles would match the time period too

3. Grim reaper game - Video Game

You have to collect souls before the devil does, it is time limited

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