Friday, 3 October 2014

NG: New Idea!

Ok, so my group and I have been trying to figure out our story and with the three factors we've got, we're having a struggle to place them together, so I thought of a possible new story line that will hopefully help us!

Angler Fish!

So the story goes quite simple, the little angler fish wants a bigger, brighter, better light. So he tried using all sorts from LED to car bulbs to disco lights,

 but when he finally finds a really nice bright one, no one goes near him as it's too bright and he is easily seen by predators, so he goes back to his original light.

Here are some different types (breeds) of angler fish.

Angler fish are ugly, lets be honest, so can we style a new one? well of course! I done some research on different artist styles and if we have a small angler fish (maybe a baby) we could make him look quite cute, if there is such a thing as a 'cute' angler fish?

I found these two images which I thought would help characterize our angler fish, :) 

And they can be cute!

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