Tuesday, 22 April 2014

@ANYONE: MAYA -- Getting the sphere to stay still/ break onto solid ground.

I have been practising with broken glass and found a method that works pretty well, but.. when I make the breakable glass out of a plane, it works really well, but once I try on a different shape, instead of staying still, the sphere completely falls to pieces, not what I want.

Video 1 is what I created using an 'nCloth' and an 'nCache', while the sphere has a 'Passive collider' and this was the result, which I like

Practising broken glass from Lisa Huntley on Vimeo.

Video 2 I done the exact same thing but to a sphere rather than a plain, but the whole sphere collapses... could any one tell me why this is?

playblast from Lisa Huntley on Vimeo.

If not.. I have another idea which could still work but still don't know how to do, the other way was to let the sphere collapse but onto a solid floor rather than just into the air, so how can I tell the broken shards that there is a hard floor below them and to not go through it?

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