Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Research, Design and Target Audience

I have chosen to do the reproduction cycle of Moss:

From what I have researched, listened and learnt, I have decided to design mine in a glass style, here some of my influence maps

This is my main inspiration:

I will have a black background, room like, area in which I will show the reproduction of Moss, using the glass so that we can see what's going on inside and using light to show heart beats, life. I will also use the light to help drive attention to what I want the viewer to concentrate on.

I have decided to do this for Young adults and older, an age in which I think would understand and appreciate a structure purely of symphony music, realism and lights. The moss reproduction information will not be worded but decoratively placed within the animation, though if  the animation explains enough and the words are a distraction, I will try with out.

Here is some design ideas for the shapes, colours and glass designs.

These are the designs for my sporophyte.

These are some glass designs for the Gametophyte, plain, reflective colour and solid glass. These are all not including the lighting effect.

These are from a tutorial on "How to create glass in Photoshop" these are my versions. I will make more adjustments of my own design but this is the gist of what I want to do. This will be the design for the spores. 

From these designs, I want to keep the colours of green, and incorporate reds and pinks.

Here is my story board of how my animatic will go:

Act 1: Diploid
Act 2: Meiosis

Act 3: Fertilization

Here is the script for the story board:

 To be clearer of the beginning of Act 1, I created a short and simple prototype in Maya to explain the spin and zoom.


  1. Pow! Good stuff, Lisa :) First thoughts are - really like the glass/transparency style - but also that you're going to need a voice-over artist to ensure people take the requisite info from your piece, or it might just seem very decorative, as opposed to educative. Text would interrupt your world, so I think you need to write a talk-track for your film.

    1. Ah ok! Makes sense :) Thank you!